Helpdesk & Maintenance

Support to Keep You Focused On Business
When you are in the “trenches”, completing end of the month billing, calculating salaries, preparing presentations or writing marketing materials, it is calming to know that Efrat Networks is a phone call away when problems arise. Efrat Networks supports every level of the back office including computers, desktops and laptops, servers and network storage devices, printers, network connections, routers and firewalls, and the Internet. We use an advanced ticketing system to manage helpdesk calls and prioritize jobs. Efrat Networks’ technical staff is available after hours, as necessary, to support our clients’ problems over the telephone through our helpdesk. We provide rapid on the phone or on-site support and we are experts at pre-emptive maintenance. Our technicians are trained to understand your needs for reliability, safety, and security, so that you can stay focused on your business.