Video Conferencing

Air Travel, Out. Business Productivity, In
The cost of business air travel is becoming more of a financial burden, both in terms of ticket costs, security checks, waiting time at the airport, flight delays and the flight time itself. This means that video conferencing can have a profound effect on the way enterprises do business, in general, and positively improve productivity, in particular. With an always available video conferencing system, face-to-face collaboration with clients and suppliers can save the trip out of town or abroad, allow for strengthened and more continuous business relationships, and speed up decision-making processes. The end result is faster time to market and better service.

Efrat Networks specializes in the deployment of video conferencing systems, especially to business and non-profit organizations with clients and vendors overseas. We provide reconditioned Polycom Viewstations at a fraction of their original cost, with all the functionality and warranty conditions of new units. Call us today for a free trial.