Alarm/Security Cameras/Access Control

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The Challenge

Every business has security concerns, including access control, perimeter protection and surveillance, client and employee theft, and "hidden unemployment" (employee downtime, such as incessant messaging and lingering at the coffee machine). You can't be in all places all the time, and companies are required to supply "hard facts" when an event occurs.


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The Solution

Virtually every installed system rides on the network. Because Efrat Networks are experts in proper management and prioritizing of networks, adding new systems to the network becomes an easy to manage, yet sophisticated way, to provide our clients with an "extra pair of eyes".

Correctly placed cameras along with a solid alarm system can act as effective deterrents to potentially problematic individuals. Efrat Networks' team of systems technicians create tailor made solutions to fit your budgetary and security needs, allowing for remote monitoring from your iPhone and Android phone. We provide our clients with the ability to tap into these systems for additional information, such as facial recognition, line crossing detection, event management, multiple alarm/access codes based on an employee's level of security to track usage, timed events and alerts.

We install the following systems: including:

 - Biometric/RFID access control

 - Alarm systems (perimeter and interior protection)

 - Camera systems (including hidden cameras)

 - Intercom systems

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