Backup for Servers and Worksations

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The Challenge

The creation and daily accessing of company data assets is growing at disproportionate rates and becoming more complex to properly and securely manage. Up-front investments in proprietary appliance or local data storage devices, along with the time and resources required for ongoing management and ramping up, can be a major burden to a company's budget.

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The Solution

EFN MaxBackup is a cloud-based backup solution for physical and virtual servers, workstations and Office 365. Our solution allows our clients to manage backups from a single convenient dashboard. EFN MaxBackup supports both VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments. Because we use a range of optimization technologies, daily backups send only changed bytes over the network, resulting in shorter backup times and more efficient network usage. Restoring data is equally more efficient, whether dealing with accidental erasure of data or disaster recovery.

If users accidentally (or purposely) delete emails, contacts, calendars, or OneDrive documents, EFN MaxBackup for Office 365 helps you restore this data as needed. 

This monthly service is provided in 0.5T increments to keep operation costs down.

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