Coping with COVID19

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The Challenge

The veil of uncertainty surrounding all of us, creates an unending array of new business challenges. Most businesses that are still operating need to migrate from an office work environment to having all of employees work from home. Here are some of the most 'burning' issues for businesses needing to work from home:

- Accessibility - Our employees can't access the company server

- Security issues - I'm worried that my company files and security will be compromised somehow with my employees working from home

- Connectivity issues because everyone is working from a different location - e.g., my VPN is disconnecting, poor connectivity at home, we can't get reliable video sessions set up with other people, or some of my employees don't even have internet lines to work from home

- WiFI not reliable - My employee doesn't have reliable WiFi at home and he's connecting to an unsecured WiFi source from one of his neighbors

- Hardware Problems-  I don't have a computer to work on from home, or my screen is not big enough, or its really noisy when I speak on the phone

- Duplicating my work environment - my employees' computers don't look the same at home as they do in the office

- Broken interaction - communication and information exchange with my colleagues and employees is not efficient

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The Solution

Efrat Networks is working full force to provide reliable and secure solutions for our business clients who are now working from both home and partialy from their offices. 

Our years of experience and long-standing relationships with service providers and suppliers allows Efrat Networks to quickly deploy internet and hardware installations.

Since the onset of the Covid19 virus in Israel, we set up hundreds of employees of our business clients with new internet lines, giving them a secure connection to their servers, and enabling them to freely communicate without interruptions. We also supply and install new computers, new screens and new home video conferencing equipment on an ongoing basis for dozens of these employees.



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