Business Continuity and Compliance

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The Challenge

It is estimated that man-made IT disasters affect 10% of all small businesses, and natural disasters affect 30% of all small businesses. It's one thing to experience one of these disasters. It's another thing altogether to survive them. Recent studies show that only 6% of companies suffering from catastrophic data loss survive, primarily because companies don't have disaster recovery plans in place for that day when the worst happens to them.
In addition, leaks of company and customer data and security breaches are of primary concern at those moments when you are most busy with 'more important matters', such as onboarding and offboarding new employees. Insider threat incidents are numerous when, on the one hand, employees have multiple devices that can access company data, and on the other, credential allocation and privileged access controls are not adhered to.

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The Solution

Small to mid-sized companies have limited IT budgets, making the planning for and management of disasters critical to their survival and growth. With that, compliance and business continuity management are not optional if we are to foster safer business practices that protect our businesses.

Efrat Networks has a wealth of experience in creating and managing efficient disaster plans to make these events as painless and as quick as possible, saving untold hours and money. We spend a lot of time expanding existing corporate policies to ensure there is accountability and oversight.

We look for the weak links in the company data stream, from human error/habits, to backup power and data backup practices, to identify risks, threats, and vulnerabilities that could impact continued operations. We then formulate a working implementation plan, and frequently test its validity, so that possible disasters become minor interruptions in the company's workflow. 

We help create comprehensive business continuity plans to ensure that the key elements of the organization—not just the IT systems, but also the personnel, functions, and processes—can continue operating in the event of an emergency. 

From the data protection perspective, onboarding and offboarding of employees needs to be performed in a manner that employees know their limits in accessing and using company and customer data. Efrat Networks has systems in place for turning off accounts and/or wiping data from multiple devices in a matter of minutes. We also provide detailed checklists for our clients, so that the on- and off-boarding processes are performed securely and efficiently.

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