Conference Rooms, Video Conferencing, Audio/Video

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The Challenge

"All hands on deck!!" You have a video conference presentation planned with a large foreign client. Your entire staff will be seated around the conference table, with all eyes on the 60" Smart TV. The video conferencing equipment and sound better work this time! 

How can we set up our conference room to allow several staff members to actively participate in a meeting, sharing data and ideas? How do we equip the conference room so it will be future-proofed? We can't afford to remodel and make changes to this room every 2 years.

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The Solution

Designing and installing conference rooms requires a special set of skills that Efrat Networks applies in order to match functionality with both aesthetics and budgets. We know that our clients need the confidence that their conference rooms will operate smoothly every time for any user.

We have a wealth of experience with the planning and installation of smart controls, overhead projectors and screens, large LCD's, video conferencing equipment, and network consoles for conference tables. Our staff works closely with interior designers and our clients to create solutions that take into account preparations for the unknown future, while working within an agreed upon budget.

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