E-mail Services and E-mail Security

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The Challenge

Emails are among the core services of business communications. There are dozens of solutions on the market, yet only a few come with the functionality and security required for basic business operations. Moreover, demand is growing ever more for integration of  business tools, importing of other inboxes, larger storage space, along with sending/receiving of larger files.

Perhaps the greatest challenge in the world of business communications comes from excessive attempts at email-borne attacks, such as phishing, impersonation, and malicious URLs and attachments.

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The Solution

EFN Hosted Exchange is our dedicated business e-mail service which offers greater flexibility and security to your data. All emails are backed up through our service, accessible anywhere. With the Premium EFN Hosted Exchange package, businesses can increase productivity and collaboration, sharing calendars, contacts and tasks between staff members, emails can be delivered to multiple recipients or viewed on smart phones, and an array of useful apps are available to users.

As with all digital data, security is a primary concern when information is shared through mails. We recommend installing and managing Mimecast's Advanced Threat Security services for each mailbox to prevent SPAM and malicious attachments, poisoned URLs, phishing links and other threats. Security policy can be set for each user as well as for the entire organization.

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