Hardware procurement

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The Challenge

Improperly informed IT decisions can be costly. Technology is changing so fast that even specialists struggle in identifying those standards that will survive the next wave. Integration of new devices into existing architecture can also present challenges.

Specifically, in Israel, virtually all IT equipment sold here is imported. Computers and communications equipment must pass strict rules of the Standards Institute. Therefore, importing is usually done through local suppliers to minimize the bureaucratic challenges associated with importing to Israel. 

In addition, there are many "parallel" importers who don't have agreements with the manufacturers and often offer end of life hardware, meaning that they offer lower pricing, but with no warranties. This represents a huge risk for businesses.

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The Solution

Efrat Networks first meets with our clients to fully understand the end-user’s needs. We perform IT needs assessments, summarize existing resources and review our findings and recommendations with our clients to make them an integral part of the decision-making process. We then work closely with our suppliers to match the specific requirements and plans of our clients. For long term planning, multiple Efrat Networks team players are involved in creating the best opportunities for our clients.

We have been working with many of our suppliers since founding Efrat Networks, giving us a strategic advantage in our ability to work closely with the suppliers for the best possible offerings.

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