Information Security and Data Privacy in Israel

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The Challenge

Threats and security breaches in the storage and maintenance of confidential customer information have reached global magnitudes, with ransomware growing to nightmarish proportions.

Compliance laws in Israel are detailed, far-reaching and very strict, meaning that the compliance process must be properly managed to avoid both damage to end-customers and legal damage with local authorities.

The challenge is further compounded when dealing with publicly traded companies who also have to answer to their investors and trade authorities.

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The Solution

Efrat Networks knows how to properly manage this complex process on an ongoing basis, allowing our business clients to focus on their business operations.

Security Audits - Efrat Networks provides detailed InfoSec audits for companies. Our one-time, annual or quarterly audits act as a roadmap for internal IT staff to know that they are complying with InfoSec laws.

Implementation and Documentation - it isn't enough to take the proper actions to prevent security breaches. Efrat Networks works closely with legal consultants specializing in InfoSec to provide our clients with full documentation of steps taken, dates and issues that arise. This process is integral to proper data accountability.

Create and Enforce Data Policy - Efrat Networks works with its clients to create detailed data management policy and can act as the client's 'watch-dog' to train employees and make sure they comply to policy. This helps take the insider threats of non-compliance off of senior management so that they can focus on business operations.

Identify and Contain Cloud Breaches - all clients access cloud-based services, even though there may be inherent vulnerabilities. Efrat Networks works to ensure that access to the cloud environments are correctly configured and enforced, to minimize the possibilities of  hackers to access our clients' data.

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