Internet and Connectivity

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The Challenge

Internet services are central to the successful operation of most businesses today - when the internet in the office is down or very slow, you can send your staff home, making the cost of downtime very expensive. Because not all services and service levels are equal, the challenge of choosing the correct infrastructure (DSL, cable, fiber) and service provider (ISP's) for your business is all that more important, both in Israel and in the US.

Ordering a line installation can be relatively simple, but dealing with the service providers when problems arise and talking their language to resolve the problems, can be beyond nerve wracking.

What criteria do you need to choose from in order to receive the best fit of internet service for your business? If all of the options are available, how do you know what is best and most cost effective for your operations?

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The Solution

Efrat Networks has been successfully reselling and managing internet services to our business clients for over 17 years. Because of our long-standing relationships with the service providers, we are able to help resolve infrastructure and service provider problems in the quickest possible time.

We install our routers and firewalls to ensure that our team has the ability to provide remote access and support, regardless of the type of infrastructure.

  • Proactive care - all our high-speed lines are monitored in real time. Once connectivity issues are detected, our technical staff starts to resolve problems on your behalf.
  • Security - Efrat Networks installs, maintains and updates our high-security firewalls on a regular basis to prevent security breaches to our clients' networks. This allows our clients to benefit from reliable, seamless and secure connectivity.
  • Increased Productivity - with Efrat Networks managing the internet connectivity, we have the tools in place to optimize communications services to maximize existing infrastructure. This allows for superior network performance. Through our vast experience, we have found that the extra costs of downtime on lines that are managed by our clients far exceed the extra monthly charges for lines owned and operated by Efrat Networks.
  • Making the Right Choice - Efrat Networks assists you to select the right service package for your needs and budget.
  • Supervised Installation - once you have decided on the type of service you want, Efrat Networks takes the load off of your shoulders to get you started. We place the orders with the service providers and we coordinate and supervise installation of the lines.
  • One Call Service - if connectivity issues arise, you only need to make one call to Efrat Networks. No more "You are caller number 15. Do you wish to hold on the line for 23 minutes or would you prefer to leave a number and we will call back?" Efrat Networks makes all the calls for you in a timely fashion, as we have a direct line to the various service departments.

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