Telephone - Cloud-Based and On-Premise

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The Challenge

With so many communications devices and apps in use by employees, there is a real potential loss of effectiveness in the way businesses operate. Employees rely heavily on their smart phones for both their business and personal uses. Desktop messaging, emailing and desktop video conferencing all seem to lead to a greater ability to communicate, when, in fact, this plethora of options often impedes more efficient communications in organizations.


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The Solution

Telephony solutions have now merged with the back office computer systems to create a unified communications platform, to include instant messaging, email, call control, voicemail, speech recognition, SMS, faxes, and much more. Efrat Networks builds office telecommunications solutions to include iPhone and Android based phones, because business operations are no longer limited to the office, or even to the city where your office resides.
Efrat Networks’ team of integrators are experts in the deployment of the Digium Switchvox telephone systems (cloud-based and on-premise) that will interconnect all of the employees of your small to mid-size business, no matter where they are located in Israel or in the World.
We also install and maintain Grandstream IP phone systems, where applicable.

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