Hardware Procurement

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The Challenge

The ICT's client made a corporate decision to deploy new network equipment at all of their global branches, where the makes and models must be identical.

The local Israeli branch of the ICT's client is expanding and they just hired 25 new employees.

Or, the video conferencing equipment in the local branch is faulty and needs replacement.

How do you source and procure network equipment, desktops, LCD's, laptops, software, smart desk phones, and video conferencing equipment in a timely fashion?

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The Solution

Global ICT's rely on Efrat Networks to source out and procure all of their hardware and software needs for their local branch clients. We are exacting in models, specs and pricing, so that when you commit to a budget, we get the orders out correctly the first time around.

We have long-term relationships with top importers in Israel, giving us access to all the major brands used by international corporations. And because we purchase locally for our ICT's, they know that the same-day service warranties are actually valid.

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