Onsite IT Low Voltage Engineers

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The Challenge

Corporate branches working in Israel need to operate according to the standards dictated by their headquarters, particularly for network infrastructure and communications. Global ICT's know these standards and rightfully require their Israeli partners to actually fulfill their directives, with a full understanding of global standards.

When a local branch is in a growth mode and needs to move or remodel offices, ICT's need their Israeli partners to make the transition go as smoothly as possible, with detailed planning and on-time implementation.

Remote troubleshooting of network equipment often reaches impasses that require qualified on-site technicians. In addition, local service providers don't always speak the language of ICT's, which can severely damage the performance of an ICT with the corporate branch.

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The Solution

With a wealth of experience in planning and implementing office build-outs, Efrat Networks helps ICT's by being their "eyes, hands and ears".  We liaise with the local corporate branches to determine their exact needs and then we work closely with the ICT's to provide detailed networking and other low-voltage plans.

Efrat Networks builds budgets, procures all the necessary equipment and materials, and then fully implements all low voltage jobs. Our installations are mapped, numbered, labeled and documented, making it simple for our ICT partners to remotely manage the installations after completion.

As needed, we are called in to perform site surveys or provide on-site tech support (such as troubleshooting, reorganizing communications cabinets, speaking with service providers) on behalf of the ICT's. Our work is fully documented and signed off by the client's local branch representative, so that the ICT's can then easily and efficiently invoice their clients.

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