Procurement and Deployment of Network Hardware

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The Challenge

Global ICT's working with Israeli branches of their corporate clients can confront a range of challenges when they need to procure equipment and provide services.

Over the years we have witnessed an array of issues:

  • Documentation requirements can become extremely complicated in cross-border processes.
  • Importing from the primary country is frequently not an option due to strict import laws governed by the Israeli Standards Institute and the Israeli Ministry of Communications, heavy tariffs, or quotas.
  • Local technical and industrial standards may dictate variations in the equipment that our ICT clients are accustomed to using.

In addition, Global ICT's need reliable professionals in Israel to schedule installations, arrive on time and get the job done as planned.

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The Solution

Efrat Networks works with a wide range of local enterprise network equipment importers, such as Cisco, Juniper, Palo Alto, and HP, enabling us to quickly quote and provide accurate lead times for expected delivery.

Our in-house techs stage the equipment based on the ICT's configurations so that when the equipment is shipped and deployed to the local client, installation runs smoothly, as if the ICT did the job themselves.

Efrat Networks operates as if we are a full team member of our ICT partners. We communicate in their language and come equipped for jobs.

As needed, we are called in to provide on-site tech support and surveys on behalf of the ICT's. Our work is fully documented and signed off by the client's local branch representative, so that the ICT's can easily and efficiently invoice their clients.

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