Service Agreements, SLA's, Spare Parts

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The Challenge

Remote management of local IT companies, when the ICT is operating under an international SLA for all branches of their global client, can be a major challenge. Speed of response and resolution of technical issues on site requires expertise and commitment. Storing of spare parts can be a logistical nightmare. How do ICT's ensure that the global service level commitment "trickles" down to the local branches of their clients in Israel?

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The Solution

Efrat Networks has field engineers with expertise in troubleshooting a broad range of issues with networking equipment, workstations, PBX's and infrastructure.

Our ICT clients rely on Efrat Networks to provide hands-on solutions at their clients' local branches, so that they can fulfill their SLA commitments. We work closely with the techs of the global ICT's to ensure that the troubleshooting job is done according to their needs.

At the request of our ICT's, we stock specific replacement equipment and spare parts to be quickly deployed on site when faulty equipment is detected.

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