Home Network and WiFi

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The Challenge

Business users working from home can find themselves disconnected or with slow connectivity, just in time for the upcoming project submission deadline. Why? Because they are in a losing "battle for bandwidth" with their children who are simultaneously watching streaming sports and downloading 2 or 3 movies, while you are trying to work. The kids will almost always win.

Moreover, content control and overall security of the home network has become a major concern for parents.

In general, WiFi is heavily burdened due to a proliferation of WiFi-based devices in the home and the ever-growing usage of video streaming among all the family members. Particularly in Israel, there are governmental limitations of available WiFi channels and local construction materials (poured cement and steel reinforcements) used in Israeli homes that impede the flow of WiFi signals.

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The Solution

Efrat Networks installs business grade routers and switches, using network protocols that allow for prioritizing specific users and performing real-time monitoring and maintenance. Our clients need the assurance that remote connectivity to their offices and their work won't be hampered at the expense of their children's use of the internet.

We have tools and methods in place for blocking unwanted content and improving overall network security, based on the specific needs of our clients.

Before installing wireless networks in both new and existing homes, Efrat Networks performs detailed surveys of homes in order to determine the best locations for installing access points for optimal WiFi coverage. We supply and install robust and secure WiFi access points and often set up the network for usage by the family and separate, more limited access for guests.

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