Home Systems and Wiring

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The Challenge

Your home away from home in Israel is a treasured jewel, with all the enchantment that Israel has to offer, and having the proper technologies in place will make your stay that much more special.

Working with multiple suppliers to install and maintain systems that don't "speak" to each other will usually mean that one of the systems installed will dominate on the internal network and eventually cause connectivity problems.


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The Solution

Efrat Networks installs and maintains high quality, effective and convenient systems that allow for proper integration and management on your home network. We take responsibility for all of the wiring and systems installations on both new and existing homes.

Our planning is very detailed and exacting, making is easy for your architect/interior designer and your contractor to make all the necessary preparations in the most effective way possible.

We work closely with our clients and the construction team to ensure a successful project. We install the following systems, using the best of brand names on the market:

o     Networks

o     Security - Alarm and Cameras

o     Telephony and Intercom

o     Smart Home Controls

o     Home Theaters and Sound Systems

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