Internet Connectivity Package

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The Challenge

Israel has many infrastructure and service providers, offering a wide range of service options. For residential internet services, the process for placing an order is relatively fast. However, when problems arise, foreign residents calling these service providers can find themselves on virtual "roller-coaster rides" - scheduling a service call (after waiting on Hold for 20-30 minutes) or simply trying to get a straight answer from service personnel can be challenging and frustrating.

Also, with so many home users and devices (TV's, computers, notebooks and smart phones) accessing the internet simultaneously for both business and pleasure, it isn't always a straightforward decision on what internet service package to order.

When visiting Israel and using the local internet services, access to over 200 sites such as Spotify, Netflix, HBO Now, Pandora, and Hulu is blocked due to them being categorized as having geo-restricted content.

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The Solution

Efrat Networks' team are experts in creating reliable internet solutions for our clients who live in Israel. We take the time to understand your specific needs for connecting to your business abroad and for allowing connectivity for the rest of your family's needs.

We offer various levels of internet packages, ranging from high speed internet on copper or cable infrastructure and 4G cellular, to business grade fiber connectivity. Where required, Efrat Networks provides real-time monitoring of the line, so we can detect speed issues or disconnects. For many of our clients, we provide automatic internet failover mechanisms to make sure our clients stay online, even when one of their internet connections fluctuates or disconnects.

Efrat Networks also provides EFN MediaPlay, a turnkey managed internet service that also allows access to typically unavailable or geo-restricted content, giving you access to many of your favorite sites from the US or the UK. These sites are accessible through your computer, tablet, smart phone, streamer or any other device.

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